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Engineered To Meet the Most Exacting Specifications... Yours.

GRI has been advancing the development of fluid pumping solutions for over half a century. Along the way, we’ve developed an extensive product line of cutting-edge pumping solutions for a wide array of industries and applications. But that truly is just the beginning.

Built with advanced materials, motors and methods, our high-quality, innovative pump lines are simply the perfect platform from which we create customized solutions. As your pump partners, GRI works in close collaboration with you and your team, evaluating your application and creating tailor-made, turnkey solutions built specifically to meet your specialized needs and requirements.

Our Begin Your Build engine enables you to get a jump on the process, helping us to quickly identify the appropriate category and product family from which we can begin to craft your perfect pump.

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Begin Your Build is a starting point to a solution specific to your application. The page results may not reflect all of your OEM variables. Please contact GRI to begin the discussion of your solution in more detail.

Piston Diaphragm Pumps

Product Overview

Piston diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps designed to economically transfer small volumes of fluid at low discharge pressures. The lightweight, compact pumps are self-priming, corrosion resistant, and can handle viscous fluids. These features make the pumps ideal for high volume copy machines, scientific and laboratory instruments and other chemical dispensing applications.

Standard models are constructed with 12 or 24 volt DC solenoids. A switch is required to supply pulsed voltage to the pump. The energized solenoid pulls the piston and diaphragm up, drawing fluid into the pump. A spring forces the piston back to its original position when the solenoid is de-energized, forcing fluid out of the pump, and the cycle is repeated. Valves are utilized to prevent backflow into the pump and to maintain prime.

For a complete description of our Piston Diaphragm Pumps, please click the blue "Pump Overview & Data Sheet" button.

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Product Details

Flow Rate: Range to 250 microliters per stroke.
Max. Discharge Pressure: Range to 2.6 psi (6′).
Self-Priming: To 3 feet.
Max. Fluid Viscosity: To 300 centistokes.
Max. Fluid Temperature: To 203°F (95°C).
Voltages: 12 or 24
Typical Duty Cycle: 1 cycle/second (1/2 sec. on – 1/2 sec. off).
Metering Accuracy: ±2% stroke-to-stroke (for a stationary setup).
I.D. Tubing Size: 3/16″.
Approximate Weight: .265 lb.

Note: Positive suction head is limited to 6″ unless a check valve is used on the discharge side of the pump.


  • Economical
  • No dynamic seals
  • Continuous duty rated
  • Dry run capability
  • Self-priming
  • No backflow
  • Corrosion resistant

To meet OEM specifications, the following features can be added:

  • Fixed flow up to 500 microliters per stroke for low heads.
  • Fixed flow can be down to 100 microliters per stroke.
  • Field adjustability with screw and locking nut.
  • Alternate materials of construction.
  • Stepper linear actuator can replace solenoid.
  • Various solenoid voltages.
  • Better repeatability.