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Engineered To Meet the Most Exacting Specifications... Yours.

GRI has been advancing the development of fluid pumping solutions for over half a century. Along the way, we’ve developed an extensive product line of cutting-edge pumping solutions for a wide array of industries and applications. But that truly is just the beginning.

Built with advanced materials, motors and methods, our high-quality, innovative pump lines are simply the perfect platform from which we create customized solutions. As your pump partners, GRI works in close collaboration with you and your team, evaluating your application and creating tailor-made, turnkey solutions built specifically to meet your specialized needs and requirements.

Our Begin Your Build engine enables you to get a jump on the process, helping us to quickly identify the appropriate category and product family from which we can begin to craft your perfect pump.

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Begin Your Build is a starting point to a solution specific to your application. The page results may not reflect all of your OEM variables. Please contact GRI to begin the discussion of your solution in more detail.

Medical Pump Solutions

GRI's OEM custom fluid pumps provide accurate, chemical resistant, contamination-free designs for applications in the global Medical Device Market. GRI pumps making an impact in medical devices for decades include Magnetic Drive Pumps, Bellows Metering Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Gear Pumps, Oscillating Pumps, and our Integrity Series Magnetic Drive Circulation Pumps.

GRI Pumps are proven in many medical applications such as cooling systems, chillers, surgical, cosmetic, and industrial lasers, ultrasonic cleaning, thermal therapy, blood warmers, sterilizers, circulation baths, film processors, X-ray cooling systems, scientific, laboratory, and silver recovery equipment.

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Magnetic Drive Pumps operate similar to a Centrifugal Pump except that the shaft connecting the motor to the pump head is eliminated. Instead of the motor shaft driving the pump’s impeller, the impeller is connected to magnets that are driven by magnets connected to the motor. A plastic housing separates the pump head from the motor. The benefit of Magnetic Drive pumps over Centrifugal pumps is that leaks created by failure of the shaft seal in Centrifugal pumps are eliminated. GRI uses ceramic shafts with either Teflon® or ceramic thrust bearings as standard materials for each magnetic drive pump line. These robust features add tremendously to the chemical compatibility and overall life of the pump making it virtually maintenance free - an important feature when utilized in a medical device.

The Integrity Series Magnetic Drive Circulation Pumps are GRI’s newest line of magnetic drive pumps. Designed for the circulation and transfer of fluids, GRI’s integrated magnetic drive circulation pumps bring a uniquely engineered design to GRI’s portfolio of custom OEM pumps. GRI’s Integrity Series integrates the pump’s components into a compact, lightweight design, eliminating motor bearings and leaving the impeller assembly as the only moving part. Fewer parts promote longer life, quieter operation, and lower power consumption. And, by manufacturing the motors and the majority of the pump’s components in-house, GRI has the flexibility to precisely configure an Integrity Series pump to meet an OEM’s specific flow and pressure requirements.

Bellows Metering Pumps

GRI’s Bellows Metering Pumps were specifically designed for metering applications requiring low discharge pressures. Bellows pumps have been successfully applied in OEM medical devices, such as photo, X-ray and dental film processors, silver recovery systems, scientific and analytical instruments, wafer and silicon chip washers and processors, detergent dispensers, blood analyzing equipment, thermal therapy equipment, waste removal systems, and wastewater and water treatment systems.

Bellows pumps are OEM customizable and offered in many different sizes, configurations, and options to meet the required specifications of a medical OEM application.

Turnkey Solutions

With over 65 years of fluid pumping experience, GRI has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to offer our OEM customers a Turnkey Solution. Only when it is economically beneficial to both our customer and GRI, our team can assemble a customer’s final unit that integrates a GRI pump solution.

Our Sales Teams welcomes the opportunity to discuss your application. After gathering information, and with the assistance of our Engineering Team, we will weigh the options and determine whether a Turnkey Solution is beneficial. GRI will not risk going over budget, functionality, or quality. GRI takes your trust and confidence very seriously.


Custom-Engineered Solutions

  • Cooling Systems
  • Chillers
  • Surgical Lasers
  • Cosmetic Lasers
  • Laser Cooling
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Thermal Therapy
  • Blood Warmers
  • Sterilizers
  • Circulation Baths
  • Film Processors
  • X-Ray Cooling Systems
  • Laboratory & Silver Recovery Equipment
  • Detergent Dispensers
  • Chemical Dispensers
  • Warewashing


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