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Engineered To Meet the Most Exacting Specifications... Yours.

GRI has been advancing the development of fluid pumping solutions for over half a century. Along the way, we’ve developed an extensive product line of cutting-edge pumping solutions for a wide array of industries and applications. But that truly is just the beginning.

Built with advanced materials, motors and methods, our high-quality, innovative pump lines are simply the perfect platform from which we create customized solutions. As your pump partners, GRI works in close collaboration with you and your team, evaluating your application and creating tailor-made, turnkey solutions built specifically to meet your specialized needs and requirements.

Our Begin Your Build engine enables you to get a jump on the process, helping us to quickly identify the appropriate category and product family from which we can begin to craft your perfect pump.

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Begin Your Build is a starting point to a solution specific to your application. The page results may not reflect all of your OEM variables. Please contact GRI to begin the discussion of your solution in more detail.


Integrated Brushless DC Magnetic Drive Pumps

Product Overview

Designed for the circulation and transfer of fluids, GRI’s Integrity Series Pumps offer a flexible and robust solution to OEM applications.  

Constructed with a proprietary blend of PPS, the INTG3 is compatible with a wide variety of fluids.  By manufacturing the motors and the majority of the pump’s components in-house, 

GRI has the flexibility to precisely configure an Integrity Series pump to meet an OEM’s specific flow and pressure requirements.

Equipped with an integrated brushless DC variable speed motor, with voltage ranges from 12 volts to 24, these seal-less, motor integrated centrifugal pumps incorporate the components into a compact, lightweight design. Fewer parts promote long life, quiet operation, and low power consumption.

The INTG3, with its small footprint and weighing in at less than a pound, offers a powerful performance with a flow range from approximately 2 gallons per minute (or 7.5 liters) up to a maximum of just over 8 gallons per minute (or 30 liters).

Available OEM options include a variety of suction and discharge port configurations and control options to best fit an OEMs application. The supply voltage can directly control the pump performance. Performance can also be controlled by an available analog 0-5 volt DC input as well as a PWM digital signal input. Additionally, a tachometer option is available to measure pump speed.

GRI collaborates with OEM engineers who are unable to fulfill their unique pump specifications with an off-the-shelf solution and require a custom-engineered pump specific to their application.

Please click the "Pump Overview & Data Sheet" button above for a printable PDF which includes a performance curve, material specifications, and pump dimensions.

Click here to see additional Integrity Series Pumps.

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Product Details

Market Advantages

  • Designed for OEM customization: Production able to electronically throttle motor speed to customer’s specific flow and pressure requirements.
  • Brushless DC: 12-24 VDC
  • Magnetically driven: Seal-less, leak-free, motor is contained away from the fluid
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Long life
  • Multiple intake/discharge configurations
  • Multiple OEM options

Typical OEM Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Fluid circulation/recirculation devices
  • Server & Electronics Cooling
  • Medical
  • Chillers and coolers, coolant
  • Laser Systems
  • Hydronic Systems
  • Recreational Vehicles & Public Transit
  • Marine
  • Fuel Cells
  • Solar thermal heating and cooling
  • Beverage Dispensers


  • Motors: 12-24 VDC, Integrated, Brushless DC
  • Maximum System Pressure: 75 psi.
  • Maximum Flow: 8.85 GPM; 33.5 LPM.
  • Maximum Head: 37.0 feet; 16.0 PSI.
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: See Fluid Temperature tab.
  • Weight: .8 lbs (363 grams).
  • Compliances: Many GRI pumps are RoHS & REACH compliant. For declarations by specific model numbers, please contact GRI.
  • Agency Approvals: Contact GRI
    • UL778: Motor-operated Water Pumps
    • NSF 61: Potable Water
    • NSF 372: Lead Content
  •  IP (Ingress Protection)
    •  IP66: No ingress of dust, protection against powerful water jets.
    •  IP67: No ingress of dust, protection against temporary water immersion.
    •  IP68: No ingress of dust, protection against continuous water immersion.
  • Pump Body: PPS
  • Housing: PPS
  • Impeller: PPS
  • Impeller Shaft: Ceramic
  • Static O-Rings: FKM, EPDM

Integrity Series Maximum Fluid Rating Chart

Various factors influence the recommended maximum temperature rating. These factors play a role in determining the pump’s life and applied warranties. In some applications, a higher maximum fluid temperature rating may be warranted.

  • Factors influencing maximum temperature rating include, but are not limited to:
  • Starting temperature of fluid in system
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Required performance, application’s specifications
  • Run time

GRI collaborates with OEM engineers who are unable to fulfill their unique pump specifications with an off-the-shelf solution and require a custom-engineered pump specific to their application.


OEM Options

  • Supply voltages from 12 to 24 VDC
  • Control Options
    • Analog: 0-5v DC Signal
    • Digital: PWM
    • Tachometer feedback
  • Submersible
  • Multiple suction & discharge port configurations

Model Specifications

GRI specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of fluid pumps for the OEM market. The chart below is a general overview of GRI's INTG3 Series Pumps. If you do not find a pump that meets your exact requirements, our dedicated Pump Team will work with you to create a solution specific to your application.

Model Numbers Voltage/Lead Wires Max. Flow GPM (LPM) Max. Head Feet (PSI) Connections Inlet/Outlet (Inches) O-Ring Material
INTG3-550, 551 12-24 VDC 2-wire 8.85 (33.5) 32.00 (13.9) 3/4 MHB EPDM, FKM
INTG3-552, 553 24 VDC 3-wire 8.85 (33.5) 32.00 (13.9) 3/4 MHB EPDM, FKM
INTG3-560, 561 12-24 VDC 2-wire 6.70 (25.4) 37.00 (16.00) 1/2 MHB EPDM, FKM
INTG3-562, 563 24 VDC 3-wire 6.70 (25.4) 37.00 (16.00) 1/2 MHB EPDM, FKM
INTG3-564, 565 12-24 VDC 2-wire 6.70 (25.4) 37.00 (16.00) 3/8 MPT EPDM, FKM
INTG3-566, 567 24 VDC 3-wire 6.70 (25.4) 37.00 (16.00) 3/8 MPT EPDM, FKM


3-Wire: Attaching a 0-5v DC or PWM input signal to the third wire gives the ability to adjust the voltage and speed of the pump.  If the third wire is not connected, the pump will run full-on.
Connectors: MHB = Male Hose Barb; MPT = Male Pipe Thread
O-Ring Material: EPDM = Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, FKM = Fluoroelastomer.